When produced under the name"ORIGINAL", any work of art in bronze can only be produced, according to the current regulations, in a maximum of 12 copies, even if the composition or colour of the alloy used is not the same for each of the 12 pieces.

Among these originals, four, called "artist's proofs", must be numbered EA I/IV, EA II/IV, EA III/IV, EA IV/IV in Roman numerals.

The other 8 will be numbered 1/8,2/8,3/8... in Arabic numerals.

On the other hand, it is possible that the artist may decide to produce a number of originals less than 12, the choice of this number will then have to be irrevocably determined by the artist, before the first cast iron.

The limitation of the number of original proofs only affects the 8 works numbered in Arabic numerals and does not exclude the realization of the 4 artist's proofs. When the quantity, predetermined by the artist, is reached, it can never be exceeded.


When a work is cast in a single copy, for example from a wax directly made by the artist, it is marked "PU" (Single Part) with the precision, if necessary "Direct Wax".

This particular work cannot be the subject of any artist's proofs or obviously of multiples.


When the artist decides from the first cast to edit his work as multiples, these will be numbered from the original 1 (then 2, then 3...) on the number of multiples determined by the artist (for example 1/100 or 1/200...). As for the originals, once the last print of the predetermined quantity is reached, no print will be possible even if the colour or composition of the alloys used are not the same for the whole series.

If a work is printed in multiples, there are no originals or artist's proofs.

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